Can anyone shop in the Duke Of Grape Store?


Yes anyone can shop in the wine store as long as you are a resident of Malta and are over 17 years of age.


How do I end my month-to-month membership?


Before you decide to cancel your monthly subscription don’t forget that we can hold your shipment to be delivered in the next month if you happen to be away on holiday.  If you decide to cancel anyways, there are no cancellation fees, and no obligations. Drop us a line on contact@dukeofgrape.com and send us your comments and notice, or alternatively you can use the chat option on the site.


What are my payment options when giving wine club gifts?


You can choose to pay a one-time all inclusive payment which includes the wine cost, delivery, and any applicable tax for the whole gift OR you can opt to pay month-to-month, which would only include each individual shipment’s total cost. Members can save 5-20% on ‘Pre-Paid’ gifts, depending on Series selection and the length of the gift membership.


How is your wine packaged?


In strong, environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable packaging, molded to prevent breakage. Our packaging ensures your wine arrives in excellent condition.


How are your wines selected?


Our wines are selected by a team of sommeliers on the basis of medal and award winning wines from major wine competitions and wines that are mentioned in international wine publications such as Wine Enthusiast and Wine Spectator.  We select wine that we would proudly serve to our family and friends.


What arrives in each shipment?


Every Month we ship 3 bottles of wine according to your selected preference with any additional items you might have added to your shopping basket.


Does My Gift Recipient Need To Activate His/Her Gift Subscription In Order to begin receiving the monthly box?

No! No activation of any kind is required for your gift recipient to begin receiving his/her box of the month.  The subscription will take effect normally with the other deliveries.  Please make sure that your recipient’s address has been entered correctly.


Why should I choose the Duke of Grape?


Each shipment from The Duke of Grape offers an international variety of wines at great value. Whether you’re just getting into wine for the first time or are a seasoned wine drinker, we’re sure that our selection offers something new and unique to your palate.  Our tasting panel selection process ensures that each wine we deliver is not chosen by solely one person, but rather a consensus among our primary panel comprised sommeliers, professional tasters, and winemakers. In short, we go out of our way to find wines that are real crowd pleasers, wines you’ll be pleased to get.  We also send out notes and wine-pairing suggestions for each box we deliver.


What Happens if My wine is Corked?


Don’t worry.  If your wine is corked, oxidised or appears otherwise out of condition and as long as it is within recommended drink date we will be happy to replace the bottle completely free of charge or credit your account.  Please let us know by getting in touch and simply hold on to your bottle until the next Delivery so that we can replace it immediately.


How do I update my Shipping Address, Billing Address or Credit Card information?


You may update this information online in your Account Settings . You may also contact us for assistance at contact@dukeofgrape.com or by using the chat on the Website.